Sunday, April 01, 2007

Mossguns Connecticut Gun Laws (1" SCOPE RINGS) (Desantis holsters)

Colt Combat Commander

Colt Combat Commander w/recently hard chromed slide and small parts
4 Mags (2 Colt marked, 1 Wilson, and I believe a shooting Colt 1903 grip)
Galco Quick slide Holster
sights are a little rough, I tapped in a set of $35 Wilson's I had, I just installed a new Wilsons recoil spring and it runs flawless colt mustang.

$475 shipped $450 local

Handgun trades:

XD45acp Service
XD45acp compact

Upper trades:

AR Uppers +/- cash depending on the upper
Complete Flattop AR upper (Colt 1908 grip)
Complete Flattop AR upper (11.5/5.5" Upper w/carry handle)
No 18", 20" or Mid-length uppers please



Tactical shooting course

(Note: Following accepted practice, this article uses the term "officer" when talking about any person whose work is to do police functions. The title "officer" generally applies to anyone in the police even if they are below the rank of lieutenant.)

In different places and countries, "police" includes members of the sheriff's office, marshal's office, or public safety department. In Ireland, they are called gardai, in Russia, militsiyaner, and in French speaking countries, they may also be called surete or gendarmerie. The United States Government has many different kinds of Tactical Shooting

for different types of areas and situations.

Most police departments have most of their officers in two main groups: a "patrol" section consisting of uniformed officers, and a "detective" section consisting of officers who wear ordinary clothing. The building they work in is sometimes called a police station.



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