Thursday, March 29, 2007

Updated with photo: Fire strikes (SUREFIRE HOLSTERS) Webb Mills home


Anyone have one of these. I bought one at midwayusa and was looking forward to getting it in the mail. Well I got it and before I installed it I hosed it off with carb cleaner (non clor). After that I dabbed a LITTLE oil on it. I hosed it off because it was dripping with cosmo like substance. Anyway after I had it installed I noticed that the carb cleaner totally stripped the finish off of it. That is not what I am really complaining about.

The thing that got me a little ticked off is the fact that the whole damn thing is pot metal. This worries me because this is my go to gun. For a range gun it is fine. As far as the finish goes as far as I am concerned it is nothing that a little spray paint wont take care of. I think we all know how AR15 and strong pot metal is. I don't want this breaking at a inopportune time if you know what I mean.

I am going to be ordering some things from bushmaster tomorrow and they have tactical gun accessories as well. I was just curious if anyone here has one from them because I would like to avoid buying the same turd the second time around. Anyone know where I can get a good tactical latch at that is made of real metal and not some pot metal trash? TIA.



Updated with photo: Fire strikes Webb Mills home
Star-Gazette - Pure Oxygen kills??? As a Paramedic, I'm surprised I haven't killed anyone with all of the pure oxygen I've administered to patients suffering from difficulty breathing and/or chest pains. SCBA cylinders contain normal breathing air with 21% oxygen

MSA Announces the Election of William M. Lambert as President and COO
PR Newswire - Over his 26-year career with the company, he has served in a variety of capacities, including Product Line Manager for air-line respirators, Nuclear Industry Specialist, Project Engineer for self- contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) development

Firefighters suit up for a good cause
Bigfork Eagle - It wasn t your average basketball event though, as all the basketball players were area firefighters decked out in their turnouts and using their self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) for air. Six fire departments Ferndale, Evergreen, West

Firefighters unhappy with proposal to cut airport positions
Waterloo Cedar-Falls Courier - It would be nice to see an exact time schedule of the standby time that is needed, the minimal hours of initial training needed as a fire fighter / vehicle inspector / SCBA use and maintenance, the amount of annual ongoing training that is required

Sacked chief justice refuses to resign
Indian Express - Mallik offered him the support of the legal fraternity, including the SCBA. He also told reporters that it appeared that the suspended Chief Justice was not a free man and was being pressurised to resign. The Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) today

FEMA $91,510 grant received for Ramsey s fire department
ABC Newspapers - In 2004, it received a $168,000 grant to replace old self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), purchase two thermal imaging cameras, purchase three Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) packs, which assist firefighters who are trapped in a fire or inside of

Pahrump will acquire pair of Dodge ambulances
Pahrump Valley Times - in the position will also be responsible for some maintenance of operational equipment such as oxygen and the Cascade breathing apparatus system. Furthermore, the future administrator may be required to conduct OSHA compliance training and SCBA fit

Acting CJ takes suo motu notice
Tribune - The Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) said it was dismayed and anguished at the way Chaudhry had been treated. Expressing solidarity with the legal fraternity of Pakistan in its struggle to restore the rule of law and ensuring the

WIS History
WIS-TV - January 2005 WIS News 10's anchor David Stanton is honored with SCBA's Masters Award for lifetime achievement in broadcasting. June 2005 WIS News 10 receives the Southeast Region Emmy Award for the "Best Newscast" from the

Federal funds a big help for a small fire dept.
East Brunswick Sentinel - The Assistance to Firefighters Grant will allow the purchase of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) with spare cylinders and face pieces, along with new fire-fighting turnout


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