Saturday, March 31, 2007

Training days (MKI) for students

cz 75

Has anyone bought one of these yet? I just decided to buy ruger p 85. The local store had one NIB w/night sights for $400., after a little talking. I've always liked the cz 75 pistol handguns, infact I've got a little collection going. Just thought I'd see how you guys like cz 75 . I'll have to wait a week before I can take it home. Damn Missouri p89 ruger! I thought it was a hell of a deal with the night sights.

How does their "Poly" finish hold up?

I've got a CZ 82 with some kind of "Poly" finish, but it 20 years old. Looks a little worn, but shoots really good cz 75 compact .


Training days for students
South Milwaukee - South Milwaukee High School senior David Peterson has wanted to become a firefighter since seventh...


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