Thursday, March 29, 2007

Beretta The (HELMET MOUNT) G model was developed for a


The G model was developed for a specific counter-terrorist unit in Europe who didn't want to accidentally activate the 92FS's safety at the wrong moment....thus the G model was created to preclude the possibility of accidentally engaging the safety by eliminating the lever's function as a safety entirely.

As far as worth, if the weapons are in good ruger p 89 shape and they are in your price range, go ahead and buy one. Berettas get a lot of static, but in reality they are pretty good handguns with a good overall service record, especially in Colt 1903 grip.

If they are police turn-ins, I would expect them to sell for between 250 and 350 bucks depending on the condition of the finish.

I own 2 Beretta 92s, a 92 FS and a first generation 92 Elite. They have been very reliable pistols for me in all the years I have owned a colt officer model:




The AR10 ACCESSORIES basic design is credited to Eugene Stoner at Armalite, then a division of the Fairchild Aircraft Corporation. The innovative features of the AR-10 would eventually be developed into the U.S. Army's M16 rifle. While mostly original, the AR-10 built upon previously proven designs. From the FAL it took the hinged receiver system allowing the rifle to be opened for cleaning much like a break-action shotgun. The bolt locking mechanism is similar to the Johnson M1941 Rifle (itself an adaptation of the Browning designed Remington model 8 bolt). From the German FG42 and Johnson Light Machinegun came the idea of straight-line stocks to reduce muzzle climb in fully-automatic fire. Fairchild was an aircraft manufacturer, and the use of plastics, titanium, and aluminum were common in the aircraft industry at the time, though not generally used in firearms.



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